About Us

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RMT are a world leader in technology providing expertise in Enterprise Risk and Chemical Safety Management through software solutions.

Committed to workplace safety for over 30 years, RMT has become an internationally recognised risk management technology provider, with a reputation for relentless innovation, scientific analysis and project excellence.

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An integrated technology platform for managing Chemical Footprint, Compliance and Reputational Risk.

ChemAlert is more than software. Recognised as one of the world’s most respected chemical safety management software systems and is reinforced by a comprehensive suite of services and online support for clients around the world.

Our Science team leads the field in research, actively gathering data on chemical safety and helping organisations address both current and future risks through our advanced technology and chemical risk management software solutions.

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First Priority

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One of the most advanced, custom designed enterprise risk management software frameworks in the industry to help manage risk in your business.

First Priority is an enterprise-wide risk management framework designed to discover weaknesses in critical controls, enabling organisations to monitor their effectiveness, set tolerance levels and take early action to prevent incidents.

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Our News

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With 7.4 billion of us living on the planet we, as ingenious creatures of innovation have created an unnatural world to ensure our own survival on our overburdened planet.

Today, 90% of our everyday environment is our own creation; chemicals, manufacturing and processes that help to make us more of everything - more comfortable, warmer, cooler, fitter, better, stronger. We want our lives to be easier. But at what cost?

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