Integrated technology platform for managing Chemical Footprint, Compliance and Reputational Risk

ChemAlert 5 Overview

Regulators and markets are demanding organisations to tightly control the critical impact toxicants can have on human and environmental health; their Chemical Footprint.

To ensure organisations can respond efficiently to these increasing concerns, RMT has developed a suite of Chemical Footprint and regulatory management toolsets that measures the actions an organisation takes to advance its progress away from chemicals of high concern to safer chemicals across the chemical lifecycle and supply chain.

As consumers, communities and regulators demand transparency in order to make informed decisions and choices, the new CA5 Chemical Footprint program provide a comprehensive framework including:

  • Chemical Footprint, Risk Assessments and Request Modules
  • Advanced Analytics Action Boards
  • Chemical Footprint Management
  • Interest Profile for important notifications
  • Mobile application to check information and update stock inventory on-the-go
  • Comprehensive Inventory Management
  • Emerging Toxicity and Regulatory Data

New User Interface

An intuitive user experience is not just about aesthetics and making things beautiful. It is also about ensuring every user can readily access critical chemical safety information with little or no training. With an updated interface including Key Features and navigation accessible from the Home Screen, every screen has been reviewed to optimise your experience.

The self-serve intent of the application saves valuable time and money and helps to reduce your cost of ownership, as well as increasing engagement with your workforce.

Mobile Solution

The ChemAlert mobile application integrates directly with your instance of ChemAlert. Not only does the ChemAlert app provide accurate and current product data, users can also view and update their stock inventory directly from their Smartphone device. Users can even enhance stock data by uploading pictures on the go.

Using the latest industry standards, the CA5 app works on both iPhone and Android tablets/phones as a native application, ensuring:

  • Safe and secure access
  • Fast performance
  • Access to the device’s features, such as its camera, GPS and address book
  • High scalability and reliability, critical when managing significant updates

Users can quickly access – view, update, upload and receive real-time information and tasks, enabling constant feedback and insights on hazards and risks from your mobile workforce.

Inventory Management

CA5’s new Chemical Inventory module supports cradle to grave management and tracking:

  • Linked Products
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Container Tracking
  • Chemical Requests module
  • Map/graphic view

In order to align chemical purchases with your organisation’s existing approval process and guidelines, CA5 now integrates Workflows seamlessly. Client specific workflows are available for Procurement, Request and Risk.

Assess Risks

Once all chemicals are identified, the new CA5 Request and Risk Assessment modules enable you to assess procurement – usage in line with your corporate policies where workflows can be assigned to map processes to integrate with existing practices.

Given toxicants can be released throughout the product lifecycle, risk assessments have been designed to incorporate and manage those considerations.

Analytics and Interest Profiling

It is commonly said that you only get out what you put in. However, it is all too common for software systems to get this so very wrong. To assist with that, ChemAlert features an Interest Profile tool to ensure users are notified when important information is modified, either in-application or via email. Combined with Analytics and Action Board functionality, ChemAlert provides powerful reporting and business insights.

The need for data accuracy to drive decision making with standardization and transparency were the main drivers on the development of CA5 new Analytics Action Boards. Sound data drives meaningful action and a source for competitive advantage.

CA5 Analytics provide insights into all aspects of your chemical management program enabling you to manage and report strategically on what is important to your organisation.

Regulatory Management and Emerging Research

ChemAlert is supported by a full-time team of university qualified Toxicologists, Chemists, Environmental Scientists, Industrial Hygienists and Safety Experts who evaluate every SDS before it’s added to the database.

ChemAlert does NOT provide generic, transcribed or off-the-shelf reports. Instead, the original manufacturer’s SDS is provided in conjunction with complementary ChemAlert Reports, compiled by our team of qualified Scientists.

Our Science team is continuously researching emerging scientific data from REACH, NICNAS, HSDB and other relevant scientific sources to provide detailed ingredient toxicological data complimentary to each SDS.

Not just the information you’re required to have, but ALL the information you need to make the safest possible decisions about the chemicals in your workplace.

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With the release of the completely new, feature-rich Chemical Footprint CA5 and Mobile, we anticipate significant increase in user access, leveraging the new scanning, reporting and profiling toolsets. In order to ensure there is no dilution in performance, we have upgraded all our SaaS infrastructure and revised our licensing models to include chemical register size, speciality chemicals, user numbers, and SLA’s including response times and urgency parameters. Your account manager will work with you to schedule the upgrade and licensing review processes once we have received an upgrade request from you, or as your next renewal approaches. Please note that the support of CA4 will be discontinued by February 2019.

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