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Our next-generation threat intelligence software identifies, quantifies and prioritises potential threats in their earliest stages, so you can analyse and take swift preventive action.
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Each year, the quantity and range of security threats continue to increase in scope, sophistication and cost. In 2022, cybercrime cost us $8.44 trillion globally. By 2027, that cost is expected to soar to $23 trillion.

With over 2,200 attacks occurring each day, companies need tools that can rapidly collect, aggregate and organise huge volumes of threat intelligence data.

But, even the most advanced, AI-enabled platforms are still largely reactive. They only detect incidents after they occur. After potentially catastrophic financial, reputational and operational consequences have already begun to unfold.

Cybercrime Cost
This graph illustrates the estimated business cost of cybercrime worldwide. (In trillion U.S Dollars)





















The Future of Threat Detection

Critical Insight Platform User Interface

Critical Insight is revolutionary threat intelligence software. It gathers secure data from multiple sources to provide a real-time, quantifiable and unified view of threat postures for all threat types. Its ability to identify and interpret complex behavioural signals allows an organisation to anticipate and mitigate future incidents, giving you a proactive edge in protecting your critical assets.

A Process, Not an Event

Critical Insight detects the subtle behavioural changes that occur in the weeks or months preceding a threat incident. By drawing insights from a range of organisational and cyber-based data sources, it connects behavioural changes to operational risk factors, supporting analysts to detect and address issues before they escalate.

Why Critical Insight?

Enhanced Accuracy

Most threat intelligence platforms use abnormal network behaviours, such as access times or log-in errors to detect threats. In over 98% of cases, these are accidental breaches without malicious intent.

Critical Insight uses real-time data aggregation and probabilistic risk evaluation to put threats and their potential impact into the correct focus. With fewer false positives and a more accurate risk assessment, you can allocate resources where they are needed most.

Rapid Detection

The average number of days to detect a data breach has increased from 197 days in 2018 to 207 days in 2019 (IBM 2020). By the time the threat is realised, the organisation may already be facing devastating financial losses, reputational damage and legal repercussions.

Critical Insight threat intelligence software provides predictive insights at a scale and speed faster than humanly possible, helping you minimise response times and stay ahead of potential breaches.

Informed Decision Making

Critical Insight’s role is not to replace analysts but to augment their decision-making capabilities. It provides timely insights for informed choices, even in situations with incomplete or uncertain data.

This extreme flexibility allows analysts to adapt models, incorporate additional data, and handle complex data structures, ensuring every decision is quantifiable.

Threat De-Escalation

Employees fundamentally want to do the right thing. Often, in an attempt to improve their work practices, they display non-typical behaviours that are detected as potential threat events, eliciting suspicion and allegations of wrongdoing. These situations can pose a greater risk than the triggering event.

With Critical Insight, you can transition away from a signal-by-signal reaction into a proactive, risk-profiled and ranked learning model. With early warning, threat indicators can be viewed as opportunities for education, process improvement and de-escalation, all within a strict framework of employee respect and privacy.

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