Our People

Our people are our difference. We are scientists, software engineers, mathematicians and analysts. We are curious and imaginative. We’re known to be independent and we’re proud of it. We think differently about problems and we don’t give up. Solving client problems is why we do what we do.

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Managing Director and Company Founder
Company Director
Chief Scientific Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Transformation Architect Executive
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer
Sales Director
Client Services Executive
Senior Business Analyst / Senior Solutions Consultant
Senior Solutions Consultant / Key Account Manager - Defence
ChemAlert Product Owner
Scientific Team Lead
Senior Scientific Advisor
ChemAlert Develop Team Lead
Scientific Advisor / Chemical Auditor
Team Lead Technical Support
ChemAlert Application Support
ChemAlert Trainer / Chemical Auditor
Singapore Sales Executive
Sales Executive
Application Support
Financial Controller
Client Experience Officer
Development Manager
Application Support
Chemical Auditor
Scientific Advisor / Chemical Auditor / ChemAlert Trainer
Graduate Solutions Consultant