Chemical Safety Audits
Our Standards
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At RMT, we are committed to continual innovation and development of safer working practices. Our safety management processes are therefore based on internationally recognised standards, developed by the leading global industries and regulatory bodies.

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Greater regulatory pressures, and the ever-changing nature of industry standards, means that is more important than ever to work effectively to identify all areas of your working operation where improvements can be achieved. To this end, Chemical Safety Audits can provide invaluable insight into your established chemical safety procedures, and help identify all areas in which issues of non-compliance have arisen. Our team of experienced Chemical Auditors will work with you to establish a tradition of safety within your workplace.

The establishment of effective workplace procedures is essential to ensure your workforce safety

Benefits of Chemical Safety Auditing include:

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  • An extensive report detailing how to achieve regulatory compliance where necessary;
  • An intimate picture of your chemical management procedures;
  • A further understanding of the effects of the internationally established GHS on your regulatory obligations;
  • Advice regarding your Dangerous Goods Segregation, Separator, and Placarding requirements;
  • Advice pertaining to the safe management of hazardous chemicals within the workplace;
  • Sourcing and updating of your Chemical Stock Register; and
  • Many more!
Audit process and outcomes

Our Chemical Safety Audit involves:

  • A thorough investigation and assessment of your chemical safety management processes, using internationally recognised standards and regulatory practices;
  • Invaluable on-site guidance and advice regarding critical chemical safety issues in your operations which require immediate attention;
  • The compilation of a comprehensive Chemical Safety Audit report providing recommendations for the achievement of regulatory compliance, and establishment of safer working procedures; and
  • Sourcing, collating and delivering of SDSs for all company-specific chemicals, through the ChemAlert online system.

Our Chemical Safety Audit delivers a comprehensive report and recommendations including:

  • A fully compliant ChemAlert application, delivering all SDSs and legislatively required stock reports (including dangerous goods listings and hazardous substance registers);
  • Recommendations for dangerous goods management including segregation, storage, handling, placarding, labelling, fire prevention, spill containment and security; and
  • Recommendations for the safe storage and handling of other workplace chemical substances. Advice and recommendations for PPE (personal protective equipment), first aid, safety facilities and other chemical safety-related issues.
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