ChemAlert Implementations
Taking the hard work out of set-up
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To get your ChemAlert system up and running smoothly in the shortest possible time, our expert implementation team can install, configure and enter all relevant data about your chemicals into your database. This is the best way to ensure that SDSs and management reports are easily accessible and that your chemical management system is fully compliant, adding maximum value to your business.

The benefits
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Our implementation service delivers:

  • A cost-effective database of all company-specific chemical information;
  • Effective integration of chemical management into company OHS policy and procedures;
  • Saving time and resources by engaging a trusted industry leader to facilitate chemical management compliance; and
  • Ongoing professional support, management advice and quality service at no extra cost.

Having your chemical management system configured by experts gives you the confidence of knowing you’re as compliant and safe as possible. It's all part of our chemical safety management services.