Critical Insight Benefits

March 15, 2022
Critical Insight Benefits

Critical Insight offers Agencies the following benefits:

  • Programs strategically focused on “Value Verses Risk Reduction”, not control everything point solutions
  • Realign threat mitigation programs from reacting to threat events to preventing them
  • Prioritises threat risks and resources to control investments that protect critical assets from significant threats
  • Aligns risk reduction targets with agreed tolerance: resources can be resized accordingly
  • Continuously monitor any type of cyber or security threat risk
  • Remedial action is directly aligned to threat type, intent and threat actors
  • First, it creates a clearer understanding of risk; not all insider-threat events are created equal
  • Organizations reach their target risk appetite at significantly less cost.

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March 15, 2022

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Dean Apostolou
July 4, 2022