Critical Insight Key Features

March 23, 2022
Critical Insight Key Features

Without the capacity to accurately detect and quantify threats, how can any organization:

  • Assess threats, or measure program effectiveness
  • Ascertain what strategies and or technologies to select
  • Measures Cost vs risk reducing impact

Critical Insight was developed to deliver those capabilities enabling any Organization to:

  • Designate risk reduction as the primary goal – program cost versus risk reduction targets
  • Set threat risk reduction targets; pragmatically aligning the leadership with front liners with precise priorities
  • Assess threat risks by type, intent, actor(s)
  • Model threat risks and controls
  • Move from reacting to insider-threat events to preventing them
  • Measure “value” in risk reduction terms:
  • Group data can be prioritised, moving the focus away from individuals and the strict privacy- bias requirements that limit valuable data,

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March 23, 2022

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Dean Apostolou
July 4, 2022