Why should I include my SDS in the ChemAlert Library?

March 4, 2022
Why should I include my SDS in the ChemAlert Library?
There are multiple good reasons why Manufacturers/Suppliers should actively seek to include your SDSs in the ChemAlert Library, including validation, transparency and marketing.
  • Each SDS added to the library is verified by our in-house team of scientists. Any areas of concern are communicated back to you so you can improve your SDS
  • ChemAlert services the largest clients in all industry sectors. All of these clients require your SDS to be present in the Library before you can supply to them.
  • Having your SDS present serves as a marketing opportunity when clients search for products.

FAQ For Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Importers

Do I have to provide my SDS to a third-party service?

No. You are not required to provide your SDS to anyone other than your customers upon request. We you provide the information to anyone who asks as a marketing benefit and as a way to reduce your client’s total cost of ownership for acquiring and maintaining the product/s you are providing.

What is the validation process of Manufacturer SDS?

To minimise the inaccuracy of manufacturer’s SDS, RMT undertakes a rigorous process of validation against recognised national and international reference sources. Each and every SDS is reviewed by a qualified RMT Scientific Services Advisor prior to inclusion in the ChemAlert Library.

Do I have to disclose all ingredients on my SDS?

Some jurisdictions, like the USA do not require all hazardous ingredients to be specified for the purpose of commercial-in-confidence trade secrets. Others, like Australia, require all hazardous ingredients to be listed and include ingredients that have an exposure standard with a concentration above 1%. To protect formulas, manufacturers are permitted to specify concentration ranges instead of exact percentages. However, it is best practice to be as precise as possible.

If I get RMT to author an SDS on my behalf, do I have to disclose all ingredients?

Yes, in order to prepare a regulatory-compliant SDS we need to know the exact formulation (as much as possible). We will sign a non-disclosure agreement if required, and can advise what ingredients do not need to be disclosed on the SDS and/or ideal ingredient ranges to ensure the most appropriate classifications are displayed.

Does my RMT-authored SDS get automatically added to the ChemAlert Library?

Yes, it is automatically added – unless you request otherwise – meaning your clients with ChemAlert access can immediately see it.

How long will it take to add my product?

We aim to complete each singular chemical addition request within one (1) working day. If you have several SDSs per request, it may take longer. We will let you know an estimated completion date for large requests where it may take longer than a week to complete. Please speak directly with our Science team for urgent requests.

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March 4, 2022

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